Staging is big business in the real estate industry, and from time to time, clients will ask us – should we hire a stager. For the most part, if we know they will follow through on our suggested “To DO List”, we tell them it won’t be necessary.

Staging is done to make the home – your home – the most appealing it can be to potential buyers. Think of a house you have been in recently; one that was welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing. It probably wasn’t the fanciest house you have ever visited or had the most up to date kitchen, but chances are it was clean, smelled good, was free of busy clutter and had comfortable areas that welcomed you to sit. If you can re-create this in your own home, then get to work and do it yourself.

However, if you cannot bear to give away clothes you haven’t worn in five years, throw out that large wad of plastic garbage bags under the sink, or remove the kids’ school photos from above the fireplace – even though they are all married and have moved away – then you may need a little help. Whether that is a professional stager or a friend who doesn’t mind telling you to leave the house while she reams out the clutter. It is up to you.

Professional stagers can be a great help in seeing how, what you already have in your home, can be used to its best advantage. An old table covered in paint cans in your basement, might become a handsome side table in your dining room or a lamp that looks out of place in your bedroom, may look great in the den. Stagers can be most useful to developers selling new homes and condos built on spec. They will take measurements of the space, find appropriately-sized furniture and art that speaks to the style of the home, current trends, and dress it accordingly.

If you feel you need the help of a stager, ask your realtor for a recommendation. They will know the most effective, reliable ones in your area.

Written by: Sandy Morgan