Choosing A Realtor

Mar 21, 2018 | Real Estate Advice

We have already discussed the benefits of allowing a realtor to guide you in the decision making process of whether or not to sell your house. Now that you are ready to have that conversation, how do you go about choosing a realtor that is a great fit for you? It’s time for you to do a little research. You can do some of that research on the internet. Look at the websites of the realtors in your area.

Here is what you are looking for:

  • Is the website attractive, easy to read?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it have a variety of listings, including at least a few properties that would be comparable to your potential listing?
  • Is the site up to date?
  • Is each property well represented with attractive photos and professionally written, descriptive text?
  • Under the “About Us” button, is there a detailed history of each of the realtors in the office? How long have they been licensed? Their specialties?
  • Is it easy to contact the realtor throughout the site?

Next Steps

The next step in your research is a little one on one sleuthing. Ask the people in your community about any experiences they might have had with local realtors. A key question is what was their initial listing price – did they have to drop the price after several months on the market? Having a property priced unrealistically is often the result of a realtor not understanding the local market, or if they do, they have not taken the time to educate the seller on current market forces and has given into “emotional” pricing. Home owners need to understand that while they have a deep emotional attachment to their property, it has little to do with its market value.

Choose the few realtors which you think might be a good fit, and schedule an interview with each. Let them know that this is only an interview and that you will be speaking to other realtors as well. You want them to give you a little of their work history, how long they have been licensed, their sales record, and whether or not they have stayed with the same firm. Do not make your choice until you have interviewed all the realtors you have selected to interview.


Finally, branding matters. If you can, go with a real estate firm that not only has a solid local reputation, but one that is recognized regionally, nationally and preferably internationally.

Written by: Sandy Morgan